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The Acadiana Therapeutic Riding Organization is now accepting participant applications for the upcoming session!

New Volunteer Training

ATRO will be hosting a new volunteer training on Saturday May 3 from 9 am to 12 pm.

ATRO Horse Show & Trail Challenge Benefit





ATRO Volunteer Appreciation Party

The first thing we like to do at the start of each year is to recognize and show our appreciation to the volunteers that gave their time the previous year. We held our annual photo 4volunteer appreciation party on January 8, 2014 to honor and thank the volunteers that helped in 2013. These volunteers are the lifeblood of our program. All of you familiar with the ATRO program know that we could not have lessons without our side walkers and horse handlers.

Two of our long-term volunteers who received plaques as ATRO volunteers of the year 2013 were Dailene Melancon and Theresa Sellers.

We also had ten volunteers who were recognized for their particularly generous volunteer time in 2013, exceeding 60 hours each. They were Nelson Waguespack with 90 hours, Ron Bertinot with 87 hours, Dailene Melancon with 78.25 hours, Marsha Harris with 77.5 hours, Priscilla Forest with 74 hours, Jean Rosen with 66.75 hours, Theresa Sellers with 72.75 hours, Christine Bourgeois with 63.5 hours, Donna Patten with 61.5 hours and Liz Wooster with 60.75 hours.

photo 3This year, we created a special award for Parent of the Year and presented Allison Leblanc this Plaque for her tireless work, her dedication, and her willingness to help in the projects, fundraisers and development of the ATRO programs.

Our final award was given to Bill Langford for his years of support and generosity to Acadiana Therapeutic Riding Organization.

If you were there at the party, we thank you for attending and thank you for all you do for ATRO. If you didn’t make the party, we hope to see you there next year. It’s something that our staff enjoys doing for you, our volunteers, the heart of our therapeutic riding program.

Contributed by Anne Babineaux, instructor for ATRO.

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Meet ATRO!

Lorain Gilbert-Fontana, PT, MHS


Lorain Gilbert-Fontana, PT, MHS, has been an instructor with ATRO since 2004, having been a volunteer for many years prior to getting her certification. She is the owner of Physical Therapy Works in Lafayette, LA and has been a physical therapist for 37 years.


Emily Weber


Emily Weber completed her PATH therapeutic riding instructor certification in January 2011. Emily is a horse enthusiast, and began riding horses when she was in middle school.




Cody is a registered American Quarter Horse whose full name is Cody Red Pudden. His birthday is March 18, 1999.

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